Reviews & Testimonials

Comments from a few of our many satisfied clients:


review1To the folks at Biotek:

“Can’t thank you all enough for the great job! You made the whole process easy & bareable. Please use me for a reference at anytime. The quality of your work and service is exceptional! Thanks!”

Larry Przybyla


review2“Thank you so very much for your very professional job on our home. You and your staff were very knowledgeable and had a lot of patience explaining things to us. We would highly recommend you to our friends and family! Thank you once again, may god bless you”

Sherwood Collins


Dear Mr. Hamilton,

review3On behalf of Oakwood Baptist Church and the Woman’s Missionary union, we want to take this opportunity to thank you for the sewing machine and thread. Our WMU is involved in many mission projects that require sewing so the machine and thread will certainly come in handy for our ladies. We want to let you know that your gifts will be put to great use.

Again, thank you for these wonderful gifts and may God bless you, your business, your employees and your family.”

In His Love and Service



“Let me start by saying that I simply cannot make a stronger recommendation for Bill Klaker and his team at Biotek Environmental. We worked with Bill and BioTek to clean a newly purchased home originally built in 1928 that was in various states of repair due to multiple renovation projects (including our own). Bill was knowledgeable, forthright and diligent in keeping his promise to make our home as clean as humanly possible.

Not only did he make our home immaculately clean, but after numerous scheduling set backs on our part (due to my renovation contractor’s negligence), Bill and his BioTek team were constantly available and willing to work with us to reschedule his team’s work, despite the headaches that obviously caused him and his crew.

Lastly, after realizing that a small portion of work was not done to his exacting standards, he immediately offered first to get a crew back out to us the very next day to complete the job, and after we needed to decline, without prompting from me, offered a monetary refund. It was this level of professionalism, curtesy and downright pride in his work that proved to me time and again that we were in the very best hands.

Bill truly looks at your family’s health and wellbeing as his own and is constantly willing to do everything in his power to ensure that not only are you completely satisfied, but that you and your home are as healthy as they can possibly be.”

R.Aab – Asheville, NC


“Biotek, under the direction of Bill Klaker, has just finished re-mediating our house in Burnsville, NC for mold.  I am a retired chemist with a minor in biology. A long time ago, we studied molds, bacteria, and fungi, but, I had no idea that the eradication of mold has come so far from our days of bleach.  So, I set out to get myself an updated mini-education on mold and that led me to choose Biotek for remediation.  Bill Klaker was my first contact and I must say that from the very beginning, he distinguished himself and your company with great communications, information, explanations and help to plan out what the process would entail by you and by us.  He is a very friendly person and throughout this long process, he always wanted to and did help us get this done.  Another thing that really impressed my sister and I is that when we just hit a brick wall trying to get the outside guttering and french drain work done by other craftsmen in the area, he used his network to help get us a company (Hewn) lined up for the work and that work is nearing completion.  Finally, he helped us finish off our dehumidifier/condensate drainage issues personally.  You are very fortunate to have an employee as knowledgeable, friendly, helpful, and with that high a level of interpersonal and communication skills representing Biotek.  We appreciate him and the work that your company did for us.”

Bill Carter and Kathy Surles


“Just a note to say that if all your people are as knowledgeable, caring, and helpful as Bill Klaker has been to my brother and myself on our project, you are one fine group of folks!  Bill has gone far above and beyond what we ever could have hoped for!  Many thanks.”

Kathy S.

“Biotek contacted me immediately after I put in my information. I called them and had a return call within an hour. They made me an appointment for a free inspection in 2 days. I actually worked with Bill Klaker. He removed mold from wooden beams in my Mom’s den. First of all, he was surprised to find an incident like this. He was determined to find the source of the problem and fix that before removing the mold. He did find the source, fixed it and removed the mold. The entire process took about 1-1/2 days. He even found a painter for us to finish the job and do some other work my Mom needs done. Bill was exceptional to work with. He told us in detail how they would fix the problem and remove the mold. He gave us a cost that day. He scheduled the job very timely according to our schedule. Bill is very friendly and professional. You feel like you know him when you meet him. He kept us informed from beginning to end. They did what they said. The mold is gone. They removed it in a very safe and used a professional (green) system. I am very impressed and would definitely use them again and highly recommend Biotek and Bill Klaker. He is one of the best!”


Review for Mold Remediation done at my home


“Thomas, Thank you so much for your thorough inspection of the north Augusta property this morning. I might well have been stuck with $10,000 or more $ in repairs had you not been so diligent in your inspection! Please let me know if you ever need a reference or a testimonial for your business! This was definitely the best $400 I have ever spent!

I will be back in touch if I decide to purchase the property, but it is doubtful at this point that we will reach an acceptable resolution. I will have you inspect other home(s) when I find one to seriously consider.

I will be forever grateful to you and your company for helping me avoid a potentially disastrous experience. I know it may sound corny, but I feel as if you ~saved my life~.

Looking for the complete report early next week. Thanks again,”



“Dear Mr. Hamilton,

I believe you are the one that I originally spoke to when looking for a mold inspection service for a rental house that my daughter is leasing in Charleston. I just wanted to let you know how pleased I was with Mr. Ryan Kammauf’s work. This has been quite an ordeal for us. Our daughter was diagnosed with hypersensitivity pneumonitis as a complication to asthma this summer. She is a student at the College of Charleston and had some flare ups of asthma this past year, but things really deteriorated this summer after she moved into a new rental home. The pulmonologist down there kept telling her that her symptoms were not responding like they should for asthma. An indeed, coughing up blood, coughing so hard that she fractured ribs, intense fatigue, weakness, fevers, waking up at night not be able to breath, are all pretty unsettling. Anyhow, long story short, we had her drop out of the second part of summer classes and come home for more testing and when the diagnosis of hypersensitivity pneumonitis came along, we hired Ryan to inspect the rental home. He found the same mold in the air handler ducts that she tested positive to by ID skin testing. Now that is perhaps just doing the job that he was hired for and we are of course grateful for that. However, it was Ryan’s additional help beyond that testing that has so deeply impressed us. As you might imagine, trying to coordinate and then schedule duct cleaning in a rental home that is 5 hours from us was not easy. We were under time constraints, as the fall semester was about to get under way and we really wanted to try to get this all done before our daughter was to move back in. It might have seemed easier on the surface to find another place to live, but she had already signed a lease for a year.

Ryan not only came out on a Saturday morning to expedite the initial testing, but he also was key in helping arrange for duct cleaning and air purification. Since our daughter had come home to GA for treatment, he was so kindly flexible with having to meet up with friends of my daughter to let him into the home. With all of the professionals that we worked with in this ordeal, Ryan was the only one that really seemed to take a personal touch and to actually care. He answered all of our questions in a timely and professional manner, arranged for us to use air purifiers until the ducts could be cleaned, and has been incredibly helpful in arranging for us to purchase a Biopure unit for room use, as the landlord did not want to install one in the Hvac.

So often jobs well done go unnoticed or unthanked. This was a job not just done well, but done superbly. Due to Mr. Kammauf, you should know that your business is being well taken care of down there in Charleston.


Michelle H. Barton DVM, PhD, DACVIM
University of Georgia

“BioTek removed and replaced insulation, remediated mold on crawlspace surfaces, applied Biostat antimicrobial to the remediated surfaces to inhibit fungal regrowth and repaired vapor barrier to cover 100% of the ground surface under my house. | Ancel and team were great!! Hands down, provided the most thorough and professional presentation. Took time to make sure I understood everything that was needed and when and how it would be handled. I feel it was a fair price for the work that was done. I highly recommend BioTek Environmental Inc.”

J. Brown – Greenville, SC

“Dear Ancel,

We wanted to thank you so much for such excellent, professional, friendly, and prompt service to our home. We were very impressed with you and your employees, and the services performed. One young man even offered to help me bring in some groceries when they were cleaning our carpets, which was way beyond the call of duty! We also so much appreciate your ministry to us in your special pricing. The Lord has used you in many ways to bless our family, and we are confident He led us to you as a direct answer to our prayers about the situation. You and your company are bringing Him much glory, and we pray He will continue to bless you and your business. Gratefully,”

Lacy Fleury J – Clinton, SC

“…What a great job Ryan and the guys did on my mold remediation and crawlspace encapsulation August 2012. Ryan did an outstanding job. He explained everything perfectly and was always available to answer questions. He followed up all work done by the crew and personally fixed some situations I had questions about. My house is more comfortable and healthier. I intend to add a recommendation on Angie’s list over the holidays. Thanks again for the great job Ryan and the guys did!”

Rick – Columbia, South Carolina

Testimonial Letter

Testimonial Letter

“BioTek was incredibly professional and thorough throughout the mold remediation process. The staff is very friendly, attentive, and competent. Overall, we were very pleased with the service we received from Bioteck and would recommend them to anyone in need of mold removal/remediation.”

Mary Helen Simons – Aiken, South Carolina

“We were very pleased with the mold remediation work BioTek did for us. They were prompt in evaluating themold problem, thorough in developing solutions, and careful in doing the actual work, which involved treating numerous antiques and art work. They were also attentive to our concerns throughout the whole process.”

Richard – The Cliffs, Landrum, South Carolina

“I am extremely pleased with the mold removal job your company did and feel that our situation was taken care of with a high degree of attention and professionalism.”

Barry – Columbia, SC

“Ryan was awesome!!! He made me feel so much better about the mold situation and was very professional during the whole process.”


“After discovering mold on some of the insulation and floor joists in the crawl space of my house, I contacted amold remediation company. They had sent a rep out who inspected and took measurements of the space. The company never got back to me with a quote.

I then contacted Biotek Environmental and received immediate response and action. In just a few days time, arrangements were made for the insulation to be removed (and new insulation installed later on), fungal contamination remediated in the crawl space and subfloor system surfaces, appropriate chemicals applied to prevent fungal re-growth, foundation sealed and encapsulated, vapor barrier installed and a remote hygrometer was installed to monitor the humidity.

The entire team was fabulous. Mr. Calcutt, the Midlands Marketing Manager, gave me excellent literature, described the process and patiently answered all of my questions in a fashion that inspired confidence in the company and their ability to do the job quickly and effectively. The entire team was very professional, courteous, and hard working. Their customer service skills were above and beyond what I’ve experienced in a very long time.

After they finished the job, I crawled the entire space and was very impressed. I felt as though I could eat a meal down there. It was so clean! Super team; super job!!”

Diane – Columbia, SC

“Our house was infected with mold, particularly Aspergillus/Penicillium, due to HVAC issues and . The vendor recommended and conducted crawlspace mold remediation, interior mold decontamination (scrubbing down everything in the house) and HEPA filtration. Member Comments: I worked with Ancel Hamilton, the owner of the firm. He was very professional in every regard. He was patient in terms of describing the situation and answering questions, he returned calls promptly and made himself very available. Overall, his team was courteous and sensitive to our needs when they were working on the house (my wife and I work out of our house, so we were there while some of the work was going on).

It was hard for me to gauge the appropriate expense or response to the mold, due to my lack of knowledge and experience with this sort of situation, but BioTek’s price seemed fair in comparison with competitors. I had another highly-rated firm (one in Asheville) come out to do an estimate, and that person recommended work that BioTek deemed unnecessary and bid about twice as much as we paid BioTek (even though I had to pay BioTek a little extra due to the travel required to come to the Asheville area). In addition, Ancel seemed to have more experience and was much easier to talk to than this other person who placed a bid.

Everything (!) in the house needed to be scrubbed down. A couple of items were broken during this process, but it was clear that the workers were at fault and Ancel promptly paid us to replace these items (we’d already paid him).

I would highly recommend BioTek based on my experience.”

M. Goldstein – Arden, North Carolina[/testimony]

“Ancel was friendly and easy to communicate with from the beginning. We promptly scheduled the mold inspection with BioTek Environmental and he told me exactly what to expect and how much it would cost. He was punctual and helpful when he arrived. Once he got our results in, he was happy to inform us that we were mold free, and told us how to deal with a few things on our own rather than bringing in a crew we did not need. I appreciate his honesty, it is a top priority to me when dealing in areas I do not know much about myself.”

Steve – Arden, NC

“As a clinical microbiologist, I am very meticulous and extremely hard to please; but upon my first encounter with Ancel regarding a profuse mold problem in my boyfriend’s home, I knew I found the right team to handle this issue. With our initial conversation Ancel provided me with the reassurance that he was completely knowledgeable as to what we were dealing with and the resolution that would be needed to provide us with a “mold-free” environment. From my initial inquiry with the office manager to the actual day the BioTek team arrived, I have been more than satisfied!!! Professional, experienced, knowledgeable and customer oriented made this experience a most pleasant one!!! I still speak of the experience with family and friends…….that’s just how much of an impression your business made on me!!!! I would refer you without any hesitation to anyone in the SC area. Again, thank you for a SUPERB JOB WELL DONE.”

Sheila and Charles – Denmark, South Carolina

“BioTek Environmental tore out laminate flooring in 6 rooms and the hardwood that was under the laminate and cleaned out the mold. This is the second job they did for us. Previously, they removed mold from our crawlspace (this same incident but we did the crawlspace on a separate contract). They did an awesome job on both! Ancel is easy to work with and very attentive. They show up on time and, if you have a problem with anything, they listen and remedy it immediately.”

Nancy – Columbia, SC

“I don’t give “high ratings” very often, but you are certainly deserving. I spent 15 of my 30 years in Quality Assurance. Finding excellent contractors are a rare find these days…When you do find one, it’s very refreshing indeed. You’re in the “Best of the Best” category. Keep up the good work!”

Shawn – North Augusta, South Carolina[/testimony]

“Thanks for the prompt response from BioTek to my call concerning a mold problem under my home. You provided a personal home inspection, estimate and Remediation Professional Services Agreement much faster than I expected. I would strongly recommend that you contact BioTek for mold remediation needs based on my experience with this company. The Remediation Agreement was agreed upon and BioTek worked around my schedule before begin the remediation work process. The mold remediation work performed exceeded my expectations. This is a professional, honest, trustworthy, and dependable company. I did contact other mold removal companies for pricing and BioTek Environmental was reasonably priced for the services they provide; even the competitors agreed BioTek does good work and had nothing negative to say about the associations.”

George – Columbia, SC

“We continue to be very happy with the work your company did, and with the Biopure S-3000. The work was done thoroughly, your advice was extremely helpful, your workers were always courteous, and all aspects of the work were thoroughly explained to us. Mold removal is incredibly disruptive, but your company made it as easy as possible under difficult circumstances. We continue to be more than satisfied with the results after 3 years of mold-free living.”

Sue – Charleston, South Carolina

“Matt, I just wanted you to know that the readings in the crawl space have not been over 51% … I am smiling, thank to you and PJ for a job well done.”

Gail – Aiken, South Carolina

“I really appreciate the high level of professionalism that you and your employees have shown to us thus far. My husband and I will most certainly utilize your company’s services for any air quality concerns that we may have in the future.”

Casey – Greenville, SC

“Water leaking into the basement had caused mold to grow on furniture, walls, clothing, everything. I was in a panic! An hour of online research for mold removal companies led me to BioTek. I called Ancel Hamilton, owner of BioTek Environmental, who put me in touch with Hart Cauthen. After a frank discussion with Hart about mold and the health issues it will cause, I knew BioTek was the only company i would trust to do the job. Ancel and Hart a experts in mold remediation and they put my fears to rest. Everything I was told they would do to remediate the toxic mold was done with great care!

From carpet removal to cleaning mold from antique furniture, the cleaning pros were polite, thorough, trustworthy, and fast. Every inch of the house, from basement to front door, is now “hospital clean.” As the saying goes, “There’s the BEST, then there’s all the rest.” BioTek Environmental is the BEST! Thank you Ancel and Hart for a safe and timely solution to our toxic mold problem.”

Nancy – Spartanburg (Landrum), South Carolina

“Actually, I’m the lucky one to have had such a great company to deal with during this difficult time. It made for a much more pleasant experience and I wanted you to know just how much I appreciate it. I would highly recommend you and company to anyone and I’m glad to be a reference, feel free to give my number to anyone who may request it.”

Kathy – Columbia, SC

“We wanted to tell you again how much we appreciated that you were able (and willing) to come to our rescue on such short notice. When you performed the air quality tests earlier in the year, we thought we were going to be ok. But when the carpet in the living room was actually taken up, much to our dismay, it looked like we were facing a real critical mold situation. You were willing to come and check it out yourself but after realizing how concerned I was about the guys having downtime, you decided that the quickest way to have it assessed was to send someone from this area. Hart responded immediately and within a couple of hours, he met me at Mom’s house in Jonesville. He was everything you said he was and was able to reassure us and gave us specific instructions on how to proceed.

Had we not had the benefit of his expertise, another even more critical situation would have presented itself. We have completely redone the front two rooms of the bathroom and they were absolutely beautiful. I can’t tell you how happy Mom is. Our plans are to continue until we have completed the whole house. Quite a bit of stress but well worth the effort!”

Travis – Spartanburg, South Carolina

“A year ago BioTek installed a vapor barrier crawl space dehumidification system in our home. I am very impressed with not only the outcome, but also with the excellent customer service provided by BioTek staff. Calls, questions, and concerns were addressed in a timely and professional manner. I would highly recommend using this mold removal company.”

Franklin – Charleston, SC

“I crawled around in every portion of the crawl space tonight and it looks great.

I live in upstate South Carolina and like many people had the very unfortunate situation of finding mold growing in my crawlspace. It smelt bad and the smell was getting into the living space. I spoke to Jim at BioTek Environmental and we discussed all the proven options they can do to eliminate the issue. They are a solid corporation with history and a solid contract. With a baby coming, I wanted to get things solved and cleaned up with plenty of time to spare. They were fast and able to work within my schedule. In the hot summer weather and demanding work environment, they were always courteous and able to get the job complete on time, with no complaints. Now my crawl space smells like new and I can sleep comfortably knowing my house is a safer environment for the baby. Thank you to all the guys at BioTek that worked on my project.”

Seth – Anderson, South Carolina

“I was in a bad situation with another mold remediation company when I met BioTek. They arrived immediately in a professional manner that I knew would resolve my mold issues. One week later the work was completed as quoted and I was able to resume use of my facility. Thank you BioTek for getting me out of a sticky situation and being fair. American small business at its finest.”

Ryan – Ryan Scientific, Inc.

“BioTek came into our lake house after we observed mold around a base board in one of the bedrooms. They did a complete analysis of the drywall and also the insulation behind the drywall. I was given all the results of the test and a complete report of the findings. They did an excellent job in the analysis and the removal of all the contaminated material. They also did an excellent job of mitigating future mold issues with the work they did under the house as well. I have recommended them to several other individuals and they all been satisfied.”

George – Columbia, SC

“Ancel Hamilton and his entire BioTek Environmental crew demonstrated the highest levels of professionalism while working on the mold remediation of the crawlspace in our home in Aiken, SC. Ancel took the extra steps to conduct detailed discussions of his work with the relocation company that was acquiring our home. This was a very stressful time for us – dealing with the relocation company, mold remediation work and a job-related move to another state. Ancel’s attention to detail and sensitivity to our situation was great and helped us successfully complete the project in a timely, cost effective manner. We highly recommend this company!”

Dave & Susie – Aiken, South Carolina

Ancel, Bob & I wanted to thank you for the great job your BioTek Environmental crew did at our home in Mt Pleasant, South Carolina when remediating the mold there. Ben and his entire staff were professional & thorough. They did more than we had expected to make the job a complete success. We now feel confident that the problem has been eradicated completely, never to return.

Please extend our thanks to the BioTek crew & let them know we appreciate their hard work.”

Ginny – Mount Pleasant, SC

“When our shower leaked and mold accumulated under our home, we didn’t know the first steps to take in order to remove the problem. Your company approached us with the highest level of customer service and professionally took care of the dangerous mold that had grown in the atmosphere of our everyday living environment. Now that mold growth under residential homes is becoming a more well-known problem in our society, we were glad to know that your mold removal process is highly effective at eradicating mold, as well as safe for my family. Thank you again!”

Blake – Columbia, South Carolina

“Dear Ancel, in a world where it seems as though customer service is obsolete, it is a true pleasure to find out that it certainly does exist still. We are extremely grateful for the incredible customer service given to us by you and your great team. You all have been unbelievably patient, professional, attentive, informative, meticulous and extremely hard-working. This has been a very difficult time in our lives and BioTek Environmental, Inc. has brought us through it better than I believe any other mold remediation company could have. We know that you went above and beyond in helping us find all the sources of moisture in our home that led to the mold growth. The long hours (early morning through late evening) you all worked to get the job done fast were so meaningful to us since we had two very young children that could not return home until remediation was completed. You and your team have been very respectful to us and to our home. You all treated our home and property as though it were your own. All of our requests and concerns were responded to with words and actions in a way that all customers hope to be responded to.

We, also, all know that a company is only as great as the people it employs; therefore, we feel it is imperative to be sure you are aware that Chris (your operations manager) represents BioTek Environmental, Inc. well and is committed to helping BioTek Environmental, Inc. achieve excellence. We know there are a lot of mold remediation companies out there that use scare tactics to get business in an unregulated industry. For that reason, we spent a lot of time researching companies. After sharing our home’s mold analysis reports and your fungal remediation protocol with a friend of a friend, who has a Ph.D. in Microbiology and Mycology, we felt we were in great hands. They were impressed with and agreed with your remediation protocol based upon the indoor air quality. We would wholeheartedly recommend BioTek Environmental for anyone looking for a mold remediation company.”

Joyce & Jack – Mt. Pleasant, SC