Electrostatic Sanitization

Electrostatic Sanitization Services

Schools, Hospitals, Restaurants, Food Service Providers and more.

Photo of restaurant kitchenElectrostatic sprayers produce electrically charged spray droplets which adhere to all surfaces significantly increasing the effectiveness the material being applied. Electrostatic means the droplets are electrically charged. Because of that they attract to surfaces instead of drifting away or falling to the floor area. Coverage to tops, sides, and bottoms is increased 70 times more than conventional sprayers.

Electrical charging causes an attraction between the sprayed drops and the targeted surfaces. The electrical force which pulls the spray towards the surface is 40 times greater than the force of gravity.

Photo showing a clean, sanitized hospital corridorAs the spray is atomized, the droplets pass an electrode that induces a charge on each droplet. The charged droplets are propelled onto the targeted surfaces by the force of the turbulent air stream. The electrostatic charge on the spray droplets is negative. Positive electrical charges on the targeted surface pull the spray droplets to the tops, bottoms and sides of the surfaces providing 360 degree wrap-around coverage.

We can disinfect for: A&B viruses, C.Difficile, MRSA, staph, H1N1, Hepatitis B, HIV 1, Salmonella, E coli, fungus, mold, mildew, bacteria, and many others.



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