Carpet Cleaning

Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Solutions

for all your fabric and floors.

BioTek Environmental offers the best carpet cleaning services in the industry. Because we use a direct drive, truck engine mounted, 240 degree steam extraction system, it is guaranteed to be the “Best, Most Powerful and Safest” carpet cleaning process available. We include a 30-day guarantee that stains and spots will not return. Additionally, we guarantee that if BioTek cannot remove a spot or stain, then no one else can without damaging fibers. We also have the fastest drying time in the industry and guarantee that your carpet, upholstery, area or Oriental rug will stay clean 4X longer than any other cleaning process available.

We use green environmentally friendly and hospital safe carpet cleaning solutions exclusively.


Carpet cleaningSafe, green, effective carpet cleaning. We guarantee it.



Because the environment is especially relevant to us, we use only environmentally safe procedures & products. Go Green!

Tile and Grout

Our tile and grout cleaning process uses the same powerful, steam-heated process as our carpet cleaning. We simply use an alternative handtool called a spinner to get your tile and grout looking like new.


Because BioTek’s products never leave a residue, we are capable of providing specialty services for fabrics that are typically not able to be cleaned safely: leather, suede, Haitian cotton, and silk.

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BBB Accredited since 2008!

Due to our excellent reputation, we have an “A+” rating with the Better Business Bureaus in the markets we serve!

Cleaning You Can Trust!

Biotek Environmental is also an Angie’s List super service provider for five year running!

eco friendly seal

Eco-Friendly Products and Services!

We use only the safest, non-toxic procedures and carpet care products. After all, we are dedicated to protecting your home and family.


CMRS Guaranteed Certified!

Microbial and indoor air remediation certified by North America’s oldest and therefore most prestigious certifying body dedicated to indoor air quality.

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We offer free estimates, pre-spotting, pre-conditioning and pre-vacuuming.

Residential and Commercial Carpet Cleaning Service also includes:

•  Fastest drying time

•  Guaranteed spot removal

•  No hidden costs

•  30 day guarantee

•  Odor removal guarantee

•  Stain resistant injection process, compared to the tacky, sticky, crunchy spray-on process


leadNot all carpet cleaning companies are the same. Furthermore, traditional carpet cleaning solutions and methods contain noxious synthetic chemicals. One, Perchloroethylene, commonly called “perc” is a dangerous cleaning additive known to cause dizziness, fatigue, and nausea if inhaled. Napthalene, a solvent, is considered toxic and a possible carcinogen by the EPA.

Carpet cleaning chemicals are released into the air, and can be ingested by children and pets on the floor soon after application. In addition to health threats at your home or office, carpet cleaning chemicals can pollute local groundwater if disposed of improperly. Waste water from traditional carpet cleaning companies require treatment and filtration to properly neutralize contaminants.

BioTek Environmental has been aware of these hazards for years. And our customer’s safety is of utmost important to us. As a result, we use environmentally friendly, hospital safe carpet cleaning solutions exclusively. Our state of the art external cleaning units effectively clean your floors without leaving a chemical residue. Hence, you can rest assured when you choose BioTek.

You should avoid services that can’t answer whether their cleaning solution is plant or chemical based. You should also stay away companies that can’t tell you how they treat or transport waste water.


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