Allergy Control

Allergy Control

Allergies and allergy symptoms can be reduced with proper treatment.

Allergy control photo of microscopic allergensBioTek Environmental technicians are experts in helping to reduce allergies and allergy symptoms. Utilizing Health Guard’s Hygiene DM1 Formula our allergy treatment process dramatically reduces hay fever, asthma, allergies, eczema, sinusitis, kills dust mites, fungi and mold, thus creating a cleaner atmosphere within your home. This in turn will minimize allergic reactions and health hazards.

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Dust mites live in our carpets (linen, mattresses, soft furnishings, etc) and they feed on the skin that we shed. They secrete pathogens and these are dangerous and can cause severe allergies in humans. Health Guard™ has been scientifically proven to treat these effectively.

Mold and fungi, due to damp conditions within the home can also lead to respiratory disorders. We use dehumidifiers to reduce dampness in your home to treat this problem.