3D Thermal Imaging

3D Thermal Imaging

3D Thermal ImageSafe, Non-Invasive Leak Detection

Thermal imaging cameras offer the ability to do what used to be a very destructive process – finding a leak, foundation crack, and other moisture related problems behind a wall or ceiling.

BioTek Environmental’s state of the art 3D thermal imaging cameras allow us to accurately allow us to detect and address costly problems such as areas of energy loss, water penetration, electrical problems, and substandard construction. With this equipment we are able to see otherwise non-visible moisture problems, locating areas of moisture under floors, and in walls and ceilings. We are also able to highlight areas where energy efficiency can be improved in a structure by detecting missing insulation, damaged pipes, leaky windows, doors, and duct work.

Our thermal imaging cameras are also very effective in before and after images to document problems and their repair providing peace of mind to our customers that their problems have been addressed properly.

Used effectively in residential and commercial applications, BioTek Environmental’s thermal imaging services pay for themselves almost immediately.



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