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Photo showing a worker in coveralls and a breathing mask performing mold removal services from a wall surfaceOur Oxidative Mold Remediation Surface Cleaners and Biostatic coatings are an effective, safe, and non-toxic alternative for mold removal in residential, commercial, government, healthcare, and educational structures. Our protocol is faster, more effective and more economical than any of the traditional mold remediation methods like sanding or blasting with soda or dry ice.

Most importantly, our mold removal service is the most environmentally safe approach on the market. Unlike other mold-control products currently used in remediation, ours is not an encapsulate, does not leach poisons or heavy metals in order to control mold growth, and is effective for the life of the surface, even if it should get wet again.

BioTek Environmental Inc provides mold inspections and mold removal services to South Carolina, and parts of North Carolina. Local offices are in Columbia, SC; Charleston, SC; and Greenville, SC.


Facts about Mold Removal

It is estimated that property damage and devaluation due to mold contamination exceeds $3 billion per year. Accordingly, builders and property owners are seeking effective solutions to protect their investment from damage. To address these concerns, new biostatic antimicrobial technologies are being deployed to combat mold contamination.

Mold contamination has become one of the hottest topics among builders, property owners, restoration companies, boating manufacturers, insurance companies and personal injury lawyers. According to the Insurance Information Institute, mold related insurance claims have become a multibillion dollar challenge for the insurance industry, and warranty costs relating to mold claims continue to grow. For personal injury lawyers, mold is considered the hottest environmental issue since asbestos. For health care professionals, the effects of mold exposure range from no response to life-threatening conditions. In response, insurers are limiting or eliminating mold coverage, builders are facing increasing costs associated with litigation, and homeowners are caught in the middle with only limited recourse.

Mold is both pervasive and resilient. It is one of the oldest living organisms on this planet. For centuries man has harness its benefits and strived to eradicate its existence. In fact, one of the fastest growing industries around the country is the mold remediation industry. Protecting properties from mold damage is a multibillion dollar a year business. However, mold has proven to be a stubborn adversary. Industry professionals have found traditional antimicrobial disinfection methods ineffective in removing and inhibiting mold growth. In response, new technologies and techniques have been introduced to specifically combat mold. Until now, builders, healthcare providers, manufacturers of textiles, boating materials and other products created for moisture prone environments have had no durable and safe solution for their industries.

Inhibiting mold growth is challenging because fungi are very adaptive. They can thrive in a wide range of environments and when conditions are no longer hospitable, they can survive for decades in a dormant state. Antimicrobial disinfectants are effective in controlling mold in its growth state, but are largely ineffective when mold is dormant. Antimicrobial chemicals work by leaching or absorption into the microorganism. Once inside, they poison the microbe or otherwise interfere with its metabolism. This process is considerably less effective on dormant mold. As a result, mold easily survives the assault.

Initially, the chemical industry responded to the challenges of mold prevention by adopting antifouling paints used in the marine industry. These coatings contain antimicrobial chemicals or heavy metal poisons that slowly volatilize or leached from the coating surface. While this leaching process is effective for a period of time, it is not a permanent solution, and it creates it own environmental exposure concerns. To address the requirement for long-term antimicrobial performance, stability, and environmental safety, biostatic coatings have been introduced to the mold remediation industry.

Biostatic coatings provide a durable antimicrobial effect, but they do not employ poisons, heavy metals, or volatile compounds. Biostatic coatings permanently bond to both hard and porous surfaces. Upon bonding to a surface, the biostatic antimicrobial coating inhibits microbial growth by destroying the cellular wall of the organism. As a microbe comes in contact with the treated surface, biostatic (lipophilic) molecules penetrate the cellular wall. Once the cell wall is compromised, the organism dies. This physical killing process does not wear out or employ poisons or heavy metals therefore it is durable and environmentally safe. Further, microbes cannot build up resistance to this antimicrobial process.

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Because of the unique characteristics of biostatic coatings, they have become the safe, effective, and long-term solution to inhibiting mold growth.


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