Why Choose BioTek?

Environmentally Friendly

Just like our slogan says, BioTek Environmental provides Clean, Green Restoration. At BioTek, we employ EPA registered and environmentally safe chemistries to help our customers reclaim their property from mold removal, and flood and fire damage in the safest ways possible.

Industry Leader

BioTek has become an industry leader in restoration and remediation, ensuring that all of our work in mold remediation, water and fire restoration, and carpet and other cleaning services is done with the safest and most effective practices pursuant to IICRC standards.

Guaranteed Results

BioTek's warranties are for mold remediation, fire and water restoration, and carpet cleaning are the longest and most comprehensive in the industry.

Our Mission

Everything BioTek Environmental does is centered around our Core Value System. These core values are focused on building long-term relationships through treating our employees, customers, and community with respect and care. We strive to maintain our reputation for being your local choice for the most environmentally conscience and customer service driven restoration company in Columbia, SC, Charleston, SC, Charlotte, NC, Augusta, GA, and everywhere in between. Therefore our mission is simple: To make our customers happy, no matter what it takes.

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  • BioTek Environmental is locally owned and operated,
George Columbia, SC

"BioTek came into our lake house after we observed mold around a base board in one of the bedrooms. They did a complete analysis of the drywall and also the insulation behind the drywall. I was given all the results of the test and a complete report of the findings. They did an excellent job in the analysis and the removal of all the contaminated material. They also did an excellent job of mitigating future mold issues with the work they did under the house as well. I have recommended them to several other individuals and they all been satisfied."

Blake Columbia, SC

"When our shower leaked and mold accumulated under our home, we didn’t know the first steps to take in order to remove the problem. Your company approached us with the highest level of customer service and professionally took care of the dangerous mold that had grown in the atmosphere of our everyday living environment. Now that mold growth under residential homes is becoming a more well-known problem in our society, we were glad to know that your mold removal process is highly effective at eradicating mold, as well as safe for my family. Thank you again!"