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Mold Services

Biotek Environmental SC offers a wide variety of mold services (abatement and remediation). Below are some of our related mold services including mold inspection and mold removal, with additional information:

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Mold Inspections

One of our primary mold services and key starting points when you suspect mold, is to have a mold or indoor air quality inspection. Our technicians are IICRC certified and use cutting edge technology such as thermal imaging, microscopy, air samples, and others to investigate and inspect structures for any moisture, mold or indoor air quality problems. Read More…



Mold Removal

Our Oxidative Surface Cleaners and Biostatic coatings are an effective, safe, and non-toxic alternative for mold removal in residential, commercial, government, healthcare, and educational structures. Read More…


Mold Prevention – New Construction

We have an environmentally friendly, non-toxic, mold prevention service designed to protect the integrity of any structure from the harmful and destructive effects of mold. Read More…


Indoor Air Quality & Mold Prevention

Our hydroxyl generating technology has been shown in numerous studies to reduce many microbial contaminates from hard and soft surfaces throughout a structure. In addition, it attacks and virtually eliminates Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s). Read More…


Oxidative Mold Remediation

Oxidative Remediation is an environmentally safe process designed specifically to address the unique challenges associated with bio-contamination.


Biostatic Inhibitor

Builders and property owners are seeking effective solutions to protect their investment from damage. New biostatic antimicrobial technologies are being deployed to combat mold contamination.

If you are looking for mold services in South Carolina or parts of North Carolina call BioTek Environmental Inc, Local offices are in Columbia, SC; Charleston, SC; and Greenville, SC.


BioTek has been locally owned and operated since 2007. We recently reached 10 years of service for our community.

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